1. One advisor per ten DeMolays is required to stay in the dormitory with the chapter.

2. Advisors will be responsible for their chapters conduct and for the enforcement of all conclave rules.

3. Attendance at all mandatory meetings will be strictly enforced. A roll call will be taken at these activities and those chapters not in attendance or not fully represented will be subject to the forfeiture of all trophies and awards. The chapter advisor will meet with the Executive Officer and the conclave staff to discuss the absence.

4. No girl may attend the conclave unless accompanied by an adult female chaperone.

5. No boys are allowed in the female dormitory except in the lobby area. No girls are allowed in male dormitory except in the lobby area.

6. DeMolays are only allowed in buildings designated for and during the period of conclave use.

7. All facilities are to be kept clean. Debris is to be placed in the proper containers.

8. There will be no changing of room assignments. Each chapter is responsible for all activities conducted in and any damage occurring in their assigned rooms and chapter areas.

9. DeMolays will conduct themselves as gentlemen at all times. Conclave participants will show respect at all times to advisors, staff members, invited guests, and college personnel.

10. Water balloons, water pistols, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, fireworks, and profane language are prohibited. Prescription drugs are allowed but must be indicated on the parental consent form.

11. Registrants must remain on campus during the conclave unless given permission by their chapter advisor.

12. Failure to comply with these conclave rules will result in dismissal from conclave. In the case of dismissal, it becomes the parent or guardians responsibility to provide transportation from conclave.

A copy of these rules will be attached to the Parental Consent Form when using the same for the appropriate event.

Parental Consent Form: