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Jack Canard

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Major Canard taken shortly
before going to Vietnam

(To explain the "Captain's bars," promoted to Major shortly after this picture was taken. Served as Company Commander of Company A as a Major. Retired in 1985 as a Colonel.)

Major Canard siting behind the
50 Caliber Machine Gun mounted
on his command track being
driven by SP4 James P. Raad,
the CO's driver

Major Canard test firing the M16 Rifle into a free fire zone at fire base C-2, located near Camp Red Devil. SP4 Raad is also firing from the front of the Command Track

Same situation as photo to left

Major Canard standing by his Jeep which was named "Snoopy"

Sp4 Raad firing the 50 Cal Machine Gun mounted on the Command Track

When the situation allowed, we would stop by Wunder Beach and take a dip in the ocean. Sp4 Raad is walking back from the ocean to the Jeep. The soldier standing by the Jeep is
SP4 Ralph A. Strum

The Command track sitting at one of the fire bases, I think this was at A-4 or it might be
C-2. Major Canard is sitting on the left rear
corner of the APC, SP4 Raad is on the right
rear corner. SP4 Strum is in the left of the
picture, I think it is SP4 Gormley is standing
in the center of the vehicle. I can not identify
the soldier who appears between Major
Canard and SP4 Gormley. These soldiers
traveled with me as the track crew to most
of the locations to which we ventured.

Two Lieutenants assigned to the Company.
LT Russell Barber is on the right and was the Bridge Platoon Leader. The other on the left is, I think, LT Ritt ?? (I cannot remember his full name). He was the Equipment Platoon Leader for awhile and then was assigned to one of the line platoons.

LT Russell Barber firing the 50 Cal Machine Gun mounted on the Command Track

At the Port of Cua Viet, north of Dong Ha, the Navy operated a ferry across the Dong Ha River to connect to the area just south of the DMZ. This is where Firebase A-2 and A-3 was located. Here we are crossing on a Navy LST looking from the bow to the stern of the craft. Sp4 Raad is sitting on top of the Command Track, LT Ritt?? is sitting on the left side of the craft.

Here we are looking from the stern to the bow of the craft. From this angle you can also get an appreciation of the width of the river where it meets the South China Sea

One of the primary missions for the Company was to do Civic Action Work. At this location on a road south of Quang Tri, a bridge was washed out during a heavy rain storm. We received the mission to rebuild the bridge. While the bridge was out, the Vietnamese had to get their goods across the opening by fording the river and climbing the steep banks on each side of the opening which was caused by the bridge being out. Here, three soldiers help the Vietnamese get the cart up the hill.

This is the same site after the new bridge
was completed.

I believe that this is one of the bridges
that was constructed by LT George
Baldwin's platoon

The bridge substructure looking from the north side of the bridge. The photo to the right is looking at the substructure from the south side of the bridge. The two people in the picture are Vietnamese

While visiting the bridge site, my Command Track Crew stands watch from the top of
the vehicle. SP4 Raad is sitting on the
forward edge of the APC. I am not real
positive of the other two names but sitting
in the center is I think SP4 Fred Radle and on the left side is, I think, SP4 Gormley

Same vehicle and time period looking
from the rear.

Traveling south along the road that
paralleled the river running through
Quang Tri City. (I think it was the Quang
Tri River, but, again I am not sure of the name). In the center of the picture on the other side of the river, a miles or so away, there is a pillar of smoke rising. This was caused by an air strike on the spot, which is why we stopped to take the picture in the first place.

A young Vietnamese girl who liked
having her picture taken


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