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John Robert Dean
208 Gilland Road
Max Meadows, Virginia 24360

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Welcome to the John Robert "Bob" Dean Home Page and we thank you for visiting our site which is maintained by our good friend and Brother Jack Canard who accomplished everything with a "Touch of Class"

As Ya'll know ole John Robert is still cutting the rug and is having a great time. Kathryn and I are very pleased with all the comments we receive about our home page and we are very grateful for all the e-mails that we receive.

Please stop by 208 Gilland Road and sit a spell and talk about Freemasonry, Police Work, Army Paratroopers or just sit and sip on a cold glass of lemonade or watch the grass grow.

Just remember that good ole Rock n' Roll is here to stay.

Drop us an e-mail when you find the time.
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