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DeMolay Crown

Do you have an E-MAIL address?

Do you participate in The Virginia Masonic Information Net
Masons ListServ?

What is a ListServ, you ask?

A "ListServ" is an automated E-mail system that allows any member on the ListServ to send a message to a single E-mail address and the message goes to all members on the ListServ.

The Masons ListServ (a function of The Virginia Masonic Information Net) currently has in excess of 500 members participating on the ListServ. The address for sending a message to the Masons ListServ is: masons@Jack33.net. The purpose of this ListServ is to exchange MASONIC INFORMATION of interest between all members and friends of the Masonic family in Virginia.

I invite you and encourage you to join the Masons ListServ. Once on, if you decide you do not want to remain on the ListServ, it is a simple process to remove you address by sending a message to the List Processor address with the command line in the body of your message of "unsubscribe masons" and you address is automatically removed.

For instructions to join the ListServ, visit the web page at: http://Jack33.net/listserv.htm.
If you do not have access to the web page, send a message to: jcanard(at)cox.net
In your message, ask me to send you the instructions in a message.

The Virginia Masonic Information Net "Home Page" on the Internet is located at the URL: http://Jack33.net/