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Jack Canard sitting in the Master's chair which was also used by George Washington when he was charter Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22 in 1788
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Fraternal Greetings again!

Just who is Jack Canard you ask? Well, my given name is Granville Clayton Canard, Jr. and I live in Falls Church, Virginia. I go by the nickname "Jack" which was given to me by my sister at birth. I am a member of the fraternity of Freemasons and currently serving as the Web Master of The Virginia Masonic Information Net.

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Masonic Leadership experience and Honors:

Membership in the following Masonic organizations: Membership in the following Non-Masonic organizations:

The George Washington Lodge Room in the George Washington Masonic National Memorial located in Alexandria, Virginia
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E-mail your comments to: Jack Canard at jcanard(at)

Mailing Address: 5501 Seminary Road, #1903-S, Falls Church, VA 22041-3910

Voice phone: 703-347-6506 - - - - - FAX: 703-998-0110

Cellular: 571-225-0594 (iPhone)

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