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My Brethren and Friends:

As I travel and attend meetings and talk to individuals who are new to surfing the Internet, I find that there are those who do not realize that web pages usually have a number of different kinds of links. Some links take you to a specificed location on the same page, some to other pages on the same server and some to pages on a different server.

A link command can be a word or a combination of several words on a page which are usually underlined and a different color than the majority of the text on the page, such as: example. They can also be a graphic such as a picture or special symble like the button which I use on a number of my pages.

You can identify a link by moving the mouse pointer, usually an arrow, to the word or graphic. If the arrow changes to the picture of a hand with a pointing finger, you have located a link point. To execute the link, click the left mouse button while the "finger" is pointing to the link location.

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