REAL Virus Information

  1. Symantic Anti-Virus Research Center
  2. McAfee  A.V.E.R.T. Anti-Virus Emergency Responce Team
  3. McAfee Recent Virus Alerts
  4. Symantec Virus Warning Web Site - Another perspective
  5. Symantec Worm.exploreZip Virus Warning Web Site.
  6. Symantec Happy99.exe Virus Warning Web Site.

Additional Reference Sites

  6. .
  9. .

Internet Hoaxes:

  1. Before forwarding a message about a new INTERNET VIRUS or a CHAIN LETTER, please review these web sites for the following: Hoaxes - and - Chain Letters - provided by the U.S. Dept of Energy. See the list of Latest Bulletins for the most updated information.
  2. Urban Legends - Don't Believe Everything You Read / Internet Hoaxes.
  3. Urban Legends and Folklore a site sponsered by ABOUT The Human Internet
  4. Other sites about Virus Warings and Hoaxes:
    1. Hoaxkill by Oxcart Software, Holland.
    2. Symantec Virus Warning Web Site.
    3. Symantec Hoax Information Web Site.
    4. Stiller Research Virus Hoax News.
    5. Data Fellows Internet Hoax Warnings.
    6. Rob Rosenberger - Internet Hoaxes.
    7. AT&T - About 9-0-# Phone Scam.
    8. IBM AntiVirus Online - Hype Alerts / Internet Hoaxes.


  1. Symantec Technical Support News Bulletins
  2. VIRUS ALERT - Information about electronic virus problems.
  3. SCAM ALERTS - Be aware of several SCAMS that are occuring.
  4. SAFETY ALERT - Alert information about Gas Cans exploding while being filled.

Other Special Interests:

  1. - Web Site by David M. Herman. Many links to good Masonic Information. An award winning Web Site.
  2. Gilbert Stuart Painting of George Washington - For the first time in the 200-year history of the Washington portrait by Gilbert Stuart in Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, a high quality, four-color limited and numbered edition lithograph (24"x30") has been produced for the Lodge. Prints are on sale at the Museum Gift Shop of the Lodge or can be ordered by mail.
  3. The Alexandria Valley Scottish Rite - Home Page is now available. Please view it and provide your comments as appropriate. If you have suggestions on information to include in the future, please provide that also.
  4. INFORMATION about the Masons ListServ
  5. Are you a member on the Net? Read how to join.

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