Grand Lodge activities or items relating to Grand Lodges:

  1. The Grand Lodge of Virginia Home Page.

  2. An announcement from The Grand Lodge of Virginia about a clandestine organization operating in Virginia.

  3. Index Page for Grand Lodges in the United States and other countries.

  4. Grand Lodges Recognized by the Grand Lodges of the United States PDF File of the original Excel spreadsheet updated as of April 22, 2001 by MW Donald M RobeyPGM, Va. (86K file size, PDF Format)

  5. Charter Membership is now available in Masons' Hall Lodge No. 1785. Brethren, your support is needed for this very important effort. Please consider becoming a member of Masons' Hall Lodge No. 1785.

  6. Brethren: In July of 1997, I prepared the public brochure, which is distributed by the Masonic Home of Virginia for information to members of the craft, as a file to be included on a Masonic Home of Virginia "home page." The Masonic Home of Virginia Board of Governers decided not to have a Home Page on the Internet. Since I worked over 30 hours to prepare the brochure, I am providing it here on the Virginia Masonic Information Net for your information. Here is the information BROCHURE published as a public document by the Masonic Home of Virginia.

  7.   A special look at The Grand Lodge of Ohio Home Page.

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